these are the collective works of a dude

software used: buzz, impulse tracker, nintendo korg DS-10, LSDJ


bryan is a guy. he lives in vancouver. sometimes, at certain times in the day, he eats things.

bryface [at] waveformtown.com



a DS-10 album by bryface

THE KORG DS-10 is a piece of synthesizer software for the Nintendo DS that I picked up a while ago. Its portable and tactile nature singlehandedly enabled me to overcome constant writer's block and begin composing electronic music again - on the go.

I've now been able to amass enough material for an album release.

Everything you hear on this album has been synthesized, composed and arranged from scratch. I've tried to capture a wide variety of musical styles, and draw from all sorts of influences including – but not limited to – video games, nature, sci-fi landscapes, random present thoughts in my head, and various life experiences imaginary and real.

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